No. Our program is specifically designed to help students pursue medical school, PA, or nursing and give them the experience they need to become competitive in those fields.

For full-time positions, you must be able to commit at least one year to the program. Generally, full-time scribes stay up to a year and a half or until starting medical school/PA school. For part-time positions, you must be able to commit at least a year and a half to the program.

Full-time scribes typically average 32-36 hours/week. Part-time scribes are expected to commit 16-18 hours.

Applicants typically start between May and August of a given year.

We highly recommend completing the MCATs or GRE prior to starting the program. Newly hired, full-time scribes must be able to devote time to the one-month training process and adjusting to their new role at the emergency department. The job is demanding and time consuming, which makes it very hard to juggle studying for the MCATs/GRE on the side.

While there is no deadline to apply, typically we have a turnover in the scribe class every June or July. We recommend you submit your application in January of the year in which you would like to start the Scribe Program. Once your application is reviewed, you will be contacted if selected for an interview.

We contact individuals by e-mail as soon as a decision has been made about their candidacy.

If you have applied to a previous hiring cycle (if more than one year has passed since your previous submission), please reapply to our program. We would like to have your most up-to-date information when considering your application. If you are interested in updating an application you have already submitted for the current cycle (less than one year has passed since your previous submission), please see below.

If you wish to update your application, simply use the same e-mail address that you provided on your previous application. Your application should automatically update with the new information you submit. This works best if 1) the cookies of your web browser are not cleared from your previous application, or 2) if you have saved your previous application information offline. You may also e-mail us at scribeprogram@vemadocs.com with any updates to your application.

Due to Covid-19 the VEMA Scribe Program has been temporarily suspended. At this time, we plan to reopen the program in Spring 2021 and will begin accepting applications in January of 2021. We may reinstate the program earlier as the situation develops. To be kept up to date on any changes in the program’s timeline, please share your email and we will keep you informed. Provide your email here.

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