Smaller program, more physician interaction

The VEMA Scribes Program is highly selective, and small cohorts mean that each scribe gets adequate time with physicians. In a year, scribes clock more than 1,600 hours of practical, clinical experience. VEMA physicians take the time to get to know scribes and invest in them personally. Our physicians are always on hand to teach essential skills, share their expertise, and offer advice. Each VEMA Scribe is an important part of our exceptional team of providers. Our physicians integrate them into the department and give them the tools and support they need as they embark on their careers.

Proven success

Since 2016 VEMA scribes have an acceptance rate of 89% into medical school and 100% into physician assistant programs. Past scribes consistently report that they feel more confident, better prepared, and more knowledgeable upon entering the classroom. They also find that the skills and experience they gained in the VEMA Scribe Program help them during the interview process and stick with them throughout school and well into their careers.

Customized training

We want to make sure our scribes are prepared upon entering the program, so we offer training before they even begin working in the ED. You will be provided with a scribe textbook as well as a site-specific manual for your hospital to begin studying before you begin on-site training. You will then beginning with 4-5 weeks of individualized training on the essentials of patient histories, anatomy, medical terminology, order entry, documentation, discharge instructions, and emergency department flow. After scribes have completed the training program, they shadow the Head Scribe for about a week, and then gradually begin scribing on their own. Each step of the training process is designed to set our scribes up for success.

Distinguished environment

At the helm of the VEMA Scribe Program are some of the finest physicians in the healthcare field. Our scribes learn from a well-respected team of providers who have been caring for patients in Northern Virginia for 25 years. As a team, we strive to create a work environment that reflects our commitment to our patients and our respect for each other. The hospitals in which we work are superb as well. Both Fair Oaks and Fauquier are top-ranked, award-winning, innovative hospitals with a long history of outstanding patient care. (link to hospital page)

How We’re Different

Learn about what makes sets the VEMA Scribes program apart from the rest!

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