1-on-1 Attention

During each shift, the Scribe is paired with a single emergency department physician. Scribes are involved in every step of the process, gaining hands-on clinical experience during every patient encounter. VEMA physicians are actively interested in each Scribe's success and take the time to go over information, answer questions, and explain their findings.

Active Learning

Scribes facilitate physician documentation and discharge instructions, order lab work, witness procedures, help ensure that the patient is comfortable, and collaborate with techs and nurses. VEMA scribes learn through doing and are valued members of the VEMA team.

Exposure and Experience

Due to the nature of the ED, scribes see a variety of patients with a wide range of issues in what is often a fast-paced, exciting, challenging environment. From urgent care to the care of the critically ill, VEMA scribes have the unique opportunity to see the entire team at work including a whole spectrum of specialists and hospital staff.