Tara Elkins

Working for the VEMA scribe Program opened so many doors for me to make my career aspirations a reality. With the VEMA Scribe Program you are truly a huge asset to the emergency department team. VEMA is a close knit family. You get to know each individual physician you work with on a first-name basis and they make it a point to get to know you as well. You are at the bedside with the patient and physician every step of the way, helping them to provide top-of-the-line patient care. You are present for exciting procedures and watch as lives are saved. Our docs go out of their way to make sure the scribes get everything they can out of the program. You will often find doctors in the middle of a shift teaching a group of scribes how to read an EKG or a CT scan. The physicians are always receptive to questions and genuinely want to ensure each scribe is learning along the way.