Eugene Lee

“Working as a scribe with VEMA was the most defining experience I had in medicine before entering medical school. VEMA offers a very unique setup for the relationship between physician and scribe in that scribing is no longer simply a job, but it becomes a mentorship and a collaborative effort. Due to the one-on-one nature and small size of the program, I was able to really learn from each of the physicians I worked with and also had the opportunity to know them on a personal level. The knowledge and advice I was given throughout my time with VEMA, both personal and professional, has become an invaluable source of support to me in medical school. While I am not yet a doctor myself, these experiences have well prepared me for the rigors of a life in medicine, both inside and outside of school. The greatest lesson I learned from VEMA is that medicine is much more than just a job. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, a relationship, a calling.”